Proudly developed in Portugal

Workifyme is a Portuguese Startup, born in Lisbon, it was in October 2017 when our team started developing Workifyme. During that time most of the team members were working as freelancers or trying to find their place in the world from job to job.

Workifyme was born from personal struggles, all of our team members related to the problem of developing his business as a freelancer and the truth is the time it takes to get noted and make a sustainable living is just crazy. Freelancing, either people does it by love or they do it by necessity or even both, so this idea was on our minds for quite some time, especially when knowing that there are 203 million people unemployed that could develop their own skills and be able to live without fear of the future.

So we took this necessity and passion forward, our team has the synergy and the will to change this reality, for that, we found a solution that it is also sustained by matching each individual as a freelancer to potential customers around the globe through AI.

We hope this project opens new horizons for everyone of you who come searching to develop, we will do our best so you can succeed, for our success is most of all yours.